The Digital Democracy Centre / TrygFonden Fellowship Program

About the Fellowship Program

The Digital Democracy Centre is launching a new fellowship program with  support from TrygFonden. For this call, we are seeking the first cohort of fellows for an exciting and dynamic fellowship program, beginning in the spring of 2024. The program aims to foster collaboration between researchers, journalists, and policymakers in exploring the impact of digital technology and AI on media, politics, and democracy. Through the fellowship program, selected fellows will have the opportunity to generate new knowledge, contribute to the public debate, develop new networks, collaborate with DDC and its partners, and produce tangible outreach outputs such as policy briefs, educational packages, and talks.

The Digital Democracy Centre / TrygFonden Fellowship Program welcomes diverse fellows, including academic fellows conducting research on technology and democracy, journalist fellows covering technology-related topics, and policy fellows contributing to the regulatory debate in this field.

Purpose of the Fellowship Program

The purpose of the Fellowship Program is to utilize and leverage the knowledge of DDC in a new way. The objective is to generate new knowledge and foster interaction between TrygFonden, DDC, new and existing partners of DDC, and the selected fellows. We aim for the Fellowship program to lead to new knowledge and tangible outputs, such as new networks, new collaborations, educational packages, contributions to the public debate, policy briefs, talks, and other outreach activities.

Accepted fellows are eligible for various benefits, which may include financial supportaccess to DDC’s research resources and networksmentorship opportunities, and a platform to showcase their work. The specific benefits and support provided may differ based on the agreement between the individual fellow, DDC, and any partnering organizations.


Types of fellows

The Digital Democracy Centre / TrygFonden fellowship program welcomes a diverse range of fellows. The target group of the fellowship program will be researchers and journalism graduates who may currently hold various positions in national and international research and educational institutions as well as in media organizations, ministries, NGOs, etc.

As such, the Digital Democracy Centre / TrygFonden fellowship offers three types of fellowships:

  1. academic fellows (who do research on technology and democracy)
  2. journalist fellows (who cover technology and democracy)
  3. policy fellows (who contribute to the regulatory debate on technology and democracy)


Fellows are expected to actively engage in activities related to DDC, collaborate with other fellows or researchers within DDC, participate in seminars or workshops, and contribute to the overall objectives of the fellowship program and DDC. They are also required to present their findings, e.g. participate in public outreach activities.


Practical Information about the Fellowship Program

The Digital Democracy Centre / TrygFonden fellowship program is a dynamic program, where there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The length of the fellowship is flexible (3-12 months), as well as the content and the candidates’ backgrounds. For this call, we are seeking fellows who are interested in a fellowship beginning in the spring of 2024. The fellowship program offers either a salary subsidy or a stipend to help with travel and/or housing.

The organization of each individual fellowship will include a team of researchers from DDC with a primary mentor/host, as well as relevant external partners to DDC who actively engage in the collaboration with the fellow. The specific team is established in collaboration with TrygFonden in connection with the distribution of fellowships and will be based on the wishes and needs described in each fellow’s application and project proposal.


Application and deadlines

Candidates interested in a fellowship in the spring of 2024 (start between February and April 2024) are required to submit an application that includes a CV and an individual project plan, which should include a proposal for a specific project to be carried out in collaboration with a practice partner.

Read more about the application process and requirements HERE.

The application deadline is October 24, 2023.