Innovating Media Economics

Mediahub Brussels, a research and innovation hub supported by the Flemish Government, organises the ‘Innovating Media Economics’ conference on 27 June in Brussels. The conference targets an audience of industry representatives, policy-makers and academics from all over Europe.

Before lunch, attendees can participate in the ‘Private Television in Europe symposium on due prominence in a smart television age’ with speakers from Ofcom, ITV, the European Commission, Samsung, Medialaan, VRT, … These and Professors David Hesmondalgh (University of Leeds), Ramon Lobato (RMIT University), Karen Donders (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and  Tim Raats (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) will offer their insights on how to deal from both an economic and policy perspective with the prominence of domestic and/or societally valuable programs in a smart and digital television environment. Ofcom will present its new regulatory approach to this issue.
Alternatively, one can also attend a Smart Media Meetup on ‘Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing’ with state-of-the-art presentations on the technology and economic implementation of AI in a media context. This seminar will show the direct relevance of these technologies for the media industry, with practical applications and research project results. Academic speakers are Prof. dr. Katrien Beuls (AI Lab, VUB) who will present results from the European Odycceus project, which employs Natural Language Processing and Prof. dr. Erik Mannens (ID Lab, UGent) will focus on the link between Artifial Intelligence and content enrichment. From the industry, Nicolas Deruytter (Managing Director offers insight into natural language processing-driven content customisation, Stef Nimmegeers (Co-founder who will showcase conversational bots for interactive media experiences and Tom Pauwaert (Co-founder and CTO of Alexandria Works) will illustrate how self learning systems can improve knowledge extraction.

After lunch we offer three break-out sessions

  1. Best of books: We made a selection of must reads for 2019. Among others, Prof. Ramon Lobato (RMIT University) will present his book ‘Netflix Nations’; Catherine Johnson discusses her new book ‘Online TV’, which is to be released in January 2019; Karen Donders shares insights from her book with Tom Evens ‘Platform Power and Policy in Transforming Television Markets’.
    More speakers to be confirmed.
  2. Best of science: In this break-out session, participants find out about the main scientific findings in the field of media innovation and economics.If you want to be a part of the “Best of science” session and present your idea in how to innovate media economics to media firms and acknowledged academics, please send a short abstract (maximum 500 words) of your work to Marlen Komorowski before 1 March 2019. The abstract should contain information about who you are, how you want to innovate the media economics field and how this can be applied (be creative and pitch your idea to us).
  3. Best of collaboration: In this break-out, several case studies on collaboration in the media industry are offered. Allan Segebart from Adlogix talks about data sharing in order to better target customers in an online publishing environment. More speakers to be confirmed.
We end the day with the launch of our newest chair ‘Personalisation, trust and sustainable digital media’. VUB rector Professor Dr. Caroline Pauwels, Roularta CEO Mr. Xavier Bouckaert, and chair holders Professor Dr. Karen Donders and Professor Dr. Ike Picone will join us in the discussion on how to offer quality content in the best way to consumers in a digital media environment.
We save the best for last as we invite you to join us at a reception to celebrate the opening of the chair at 18.00h.
The conference organisers,Prof. Dr. Pieter Ballon
Prof. Dr. Karen Donders 
Prof. Dr. Tim Raats